Green Class (18-35 Months)


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About Our Green Room

Children of this age still need a schedule of feeding and resting individually and should be cared for and treated with considerable care.

Children explore and learn while they play. Throughout the day, we develop various activities, and through these activities, our physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual life skills develop.

Our teachers work with children of this age to meet their individual needs with passion and kindness.

Green room is for the kids who are 18 months through 35 months. We divide our kids into three groups by their age and each group does their own activities throughout the day.

We understand that this is the first time school experience for most of our kids so each of our teachers attentively care for our kids and try to make them feel comfortable.

All the teachers are very approachable so If parents have any concerns or questions they can always contact us. We will try to communicate and cooperate with our parents for our precious kids.

What Can We Offer?

  • Daily Praise and Worship
  • Spacious and cozy classrooms
  • Excellent nutritional home-cooked meal
  • Safe and versatile indoor and outdoor playground
  • Various on-the-spot learning
  • Faithful and knowledgeable teachers
  • Bilingual (Korean & English) teachers for our 2nd generation children
  • Christian Education and Christian Curriculum

What Does Our Classroom Look Like?