Yuong Sang Academy

Welcome to Yuong Sang Academy


Our Mission Statement

We believe here at Yuong Sang Academy (YSA) every child is unique, a special gift from God, and must be cared for, loved and nurtured.  Our academy offers Christ-centered learning program that is dedicated to children and even support dual language learning.  We believe that children learn best through their own discoveries, active co-operative learning, experiments, questions, sharing, speaking and listening.


YSA is committed to provide quality, developmental, age-appropriate, hands-on learning in a safe, nurturing, faith-based environment where children are introduced to Jesus Christ and his teaching to promote core Christian values such as unconditional love, forgiveness, and thankfulness.


Our desire is for every child to grow and prosper as they learn and obey the Word of God.

Our School Focuses On Teaching

Biblical Worldview

Building Character

Emphasis on creative Learning

2003 Merrymead Farm Trip

2002 Thanks Giving

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Our History

Yuong Sang Academy (YSA) was founded in September 2001, with just a small class of 10-15 boys and girls. During that time, Rev. Yong Kon Yi saw YSA grow into something more than just a daycare but an opportunity to spread the gospel and good news.


18 years later, YSA has doubled in staff and children. Recently added in a brand new playground, that brings entertainment and exercise. Also, we now have a structured educational curriculum that will help challenge and excel our students here at YSA.